Yoweli Kachala

A self driven, self starter and passionate Developer.
I love coding and have been developing systems for over 10 years.

About Me


BTECH Degree in IT 2007 → 2011
Diploma in Magagement Information Sytems – UNIMA - Polytechnic (Malawi) 2002 → 2005
Cisco Certified Networking Associate – UNIMA - polytechnic (Malawi) Jun 2005 → Jul 2005

Work Experience

PHP Developer – Double Eye Feb 2016 → Current
Senior Developer – SchoolAlert CC Jul 2013 → Dec 2015
Senior – Intuthuko Complete IT Services Mar 2007 → Nov 2012
Software Developer – Globe Computer Systems LTD Jan 2006 → Jan 2007

Public Artifacts

Data Security Measures in the IT Service Industry: A Balance between Knowledge & Action
Stackoverflow Story
Stackoverflow CV

My Project Communication App

If you have an android mobile phone. You can download this app to track your projects progress in real time. This app is free and you can use it to communicate and give feedback.

My main skills

Web Development

I offer my clients user-centric custom front-end web development and design. I am experienced in front-end development, building backend infrastructure and API design and development.

Android Development

I build Android applications that users love. Either as a standalone application, or as part of a larger strategy. Using technologies like Firebase etc

Database Design

I design and implement databases for the applications I build. I make sure there is backup and restore strategies in place in case there is a need to migrate or restore a database.

Source Control

I use Source control because code changes a lot and it is important to be able to revert to an earlier versions if needs be and it helps when multiple developers are on the same poroject.

Continuous Integrations

Sometimes there is a delay from coding and showing progress to the client. I use continuous integration tools and sometimes write my own scripts to automate deployments to avoid this delay


I use PHP, Python, CSS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JAVA, SQL, XML, RestFul APIs, apache, ngix, mysql, postgres, Linux, IntellijJ IDEs, Jquery, bootstrap, jenkins, Shell Scripting. Just to mention a few.









“ When he joined my organisation, he re-build the whole application from scratch and improved the way we worked. Tasks that would normally take hours for 3 people were finished in minutes by one person. ”

Amelia Viljoen

Owner / Director
SchoolAlert CC


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My Tutorials

PHP Tutorials 10

Laravel, Yii

Android Tutorials 8

Java, XML, Firebase

Database Tutorials 2

MySQL, Postgresql, SQL

Python Tutorials 8

Automation and AI

Source Control 18

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